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Spiralrat Rattery
NXPR Sloane x SPR Sorin


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Breeding:  1/6/04
Born:  13 on 1/28/04

"I hope I can lose this pregnancy weight!"

Breeders Assistant HTML Trial Mating Pedigree
Trial Mating Pedigree of SPR Sorin x NXPR Sloane
Sire OwnerBecky M. Ashton
Dam OwnerBecky M. Ashton
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
SPR Sorin
Type: Dumbo-Eared Russian Silver American Irish
Reg.: 030271/M
SPR Samwise
Type: Dumbo-Eared Mink American Irish
Reg.: 030269/M
SPR Perfect Dark
Type: Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue American Irish
Floyd of ETR
Type: Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue Hooded
RFR Soybean
Type: Dumbo-Eared Black Self
Reg.: 030273/F
RFR Soybean
Type: Dumbo-Eared Black Self
Reg.: 030273/F
SPR Murphy
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue
WWR Breeze
Type: Russian Blue Irish Rex
AvR Sally
Type: Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue American Irish
Reg.: 030276/F
Connor of AvR
Type: Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue
AvR Sophitia
Type: Dumbo-Eared Black Berkshire
Connor of AvR
Type: Dumbo RBlue
CWR Eden
Type: Dumbo Blue Self Rex
NXPR Sloane
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue Variberk
Reg.: 03NXPR0039/01F
SGR Good N' Floppy
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue Berkshire Rex
AR Gavin of SOL
Type: Dumbo-Eared Platinum Rex
RH Myles
Type: Dumbo Cham Self
RH Claudia
Type: Pearl Merle Rex
HSH Misty Morning of SGR
Type: Dumbo-Eared Platinum Rex
AR Moonshadow
Type: Dumbo Plat Hood
AR Andromeda
Type: Dumbo Beige Blaze Rex
SRR Lambchop
Type: Dumbo-Eared Black Double-Rex
SRR Riley
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue Variberk
YOTR Wegman
Type: Dumbo Blue Varigated
MAR Pansy
Type: Silver Lilac English Irish
SRR Irene
Type: Agouti Rex
RRR Pongo
Type: Black Dal Rex
RRR Hara of SRR
Type: Dumbo Agouti Blaze