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Spiralrat Rattery
NXPR Sloane x SPR Nemo


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Born:  9/19/03
2 Boys and 12 girls

11 days old

What's my color?

Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree of SPR 9/19/03 Litter
BreederBecky M. Ashton
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
SPR Nemo
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue American Irish
Reg.: 030485/M
OFR Seattle
Type: Dumbo-Eared Silvered Blue Self Satin
Reg.: 030260/M
OFR Princeton
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue Rex
OFR Sparky
Type: Dumbo Himilayan
RSCL Rhodie
Type: Dumbo Silvered Blue
OFR Sasha
Type: Himalayan
WWR Mediterannean
Type: Blue Point Siamese
OFR Fidgit
Type: Himalayan
RSCL Simone
Type: Dumbo-Eared Black American Berkshire Rex
Reg.: 030274/F
RSCL Keoki
Type: Dumbo-Eared Black Banded Rex
MR Lighting
Type: Dumbo Lynx Husky
RSCL Christa
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue Rex
RFR Wren
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue American Irish
SPR Murphy
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue
Type: Dumbo Blk Split-Cap
NXPR Sloane
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue Variberk
Reg.: 03NXPR0039/01F
SGR Good N' Floppy
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue Berkshire Rex
AR Gavin of SOL
Type: Dumbo-Eared Platinum Rex
RH Myles
Type: Dumbo Cham Self
RH Claudia
Type: Pearl Merle Rex
HSH Misty Morning of SGR
Type: Dumbo-Eared Platinum Rex
AR Moonshadow
Type: Dumbo Plat Hood
AR Andromeda
Type: Dumbo Beige Blaze Rex
SRR Lambchop
Type: Dumbo-Eared Black Double-Rex
SRR Riley
Type: Dumbo-Eared Blue Variberk
YOTR Wegman
Type: Dumbo Blue Varigated
MAR Pansy
Type: Silver Lilac English Irish
SRR Irene
Type: Agouti Rex
RRR Pongo
Type: Black Dal Rex
RRR Hara of SRR
Type: Dumbo Agouti Blaze